Quick Tips: Career Fair Season


January and February are typically chock full of career fairs, both college and public. If you plan to attend do so with a single goal in mind: be memorable. This will significantly increase your chances of landing an interview and a new career. However, you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

Career Fair Mistakes To Avoid

1) No company research (You can’t effectively navigate without a plan.)

2) Wandering around the fair with a group of friends (Prove you’re a leader by striking out on your own.)

3) Grammatical errors on resume (Acceptable in casual settings, i.e. Facebook, but shows the recruiter you lack attention to detail.)

4) Choosing the wrong outfit (Professional is the way to go.)

5) Not practicing your pitch (Never utter the words, “So what are you hiring for?”)

6) No clear career focus (“I’m willing to do anything,” can also convey desperation or lack of commitment.)

7) Collecting too many freebies (aka shopping)

8) Arriving in the final hour (During the last 30 minutes career fairs can become virtual ghost towns.)

9) Failing to follow up (Don’t miss out on an opportunity to reiterate why you’re the best person for job.)

10) Not applying the way the recruiter has instructed (Demonstrates poor listening skills.)

Over the years I have seen at least one of these violations at every career fair. Don’t end up on the list–if you’ve been a perpetrator take time to prepare for the next fair by clicking on the links below.

Good luck!

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